Midlife Men
Are You Ready To Rise?


Are you tired of feeling like your life is running you, rather than you running your life?  


Do you want more?

More energy, more strength, more vitality, more from your relationships, more from your life?


Then this 4 Day Challenge is for you.


Ditch the mediocre. Ditch the regrets…

Rise. For busy men over 40 who want the best from life.

Upgrade your mind, body & soul.

Get ready - because here's your permission to be more…


Join Me From September 21st for a free life changing 4 Day Challenge designed to show you how to reclaim your power and confidence, lose the extra pounds, feel desirable, create better relationships and start living the life you desire...

FROM TUESDAY 21st SEPTEMBER ,  At 8:00am UK Time



Over the course of 4 days midlife expert James Davis will give you the tools to start shifting your beliefs, your body, your mindset and nutrition. Each day we'll work through a short easy to complete hack that harnesses psychology and neuroscience for internal change and growth, along with the latest research on training and nutrition to get results for your body, fast.

The challenges men face in midlife include: lower energy, loss of muscle mass, loss of strength, fat gain (especially around the waist), brain fog, decreased motivation, decreased self-confidence, lowered libido.... the list goes on...

BUT - it doesn't have to be like this. There are research backed ways to naturally offset these symptoms and work in harmony with your body for a happier, healthier, more energised midlife.


If you’re sick of…

  • Being plagued by fears, doubts, low energy, weakness…
  • Feeling like you’re losing your masculinity
  • Feeling like you're not being seen, heard or feeling like you don’t matter...
  • Struggling with low energy and finding life increasingly hard…
  • Buckling under the pressure of expectations… from work, from family, from finances…
  • Not feeling strong and alive
  • Feeling like you can’t speak your truth - that you’re lost
  • Not understanding what’s happening to your body & the psychological impact of that
  • That society has emasculated you so you don’t know what to say or do
  • Feeling like life is running you, rather than you running your life
  • Feeling ashamed…

Then, RISE is for you.

None of the above is your fault.

No one’s given you the tools. No one teaches this stuff. But it’s essential…and it's my mission to show you how...


Over the course of this short FREE challenge, you're going to get my insider secrets of how to:

  • Reclaim equilibrium and balance in your life & feel empowered, confident and renergised
  • Reclaim your vision and break free of limiting beliefs for lasting success
  • Reclaim your vitality  - start to move with confidence and power and learn the secrets to lasting nutrition for a lean strong body
  • Reclaim your power and voice - Use psychology to build a focused, positive mindset & channel your inner warrior



Are you ready to live a life that feels more in flow and less of a struggle?

Then let's reinvent and RISE together...


James has supported hundreds of busy midlife men over the past few years to reclaim their strength, vitality and energy in both body, mind and soul.

You’ll find no woo woo fads of fake promises - just easy to implement strategies that create huge change inside and out.

You’ll experience some profound a-ha moments as James dives into what’s really been going on with your body (and mind) during midlife and what's been holding you back all this time.

And when you walk away from this free challenge, you’ll be able to instantly put the secrets into action. Straight away you can regain control with laser sharp focus on how to get there.

James has empowered so many others with the tools they need to reach their potential. In this challenge you’ll get a peak at his successful approach that gets results for midlife men just like you.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity.

We're multiple award winners for our science based approach, co-authors of a bestselling book, regular speakers and press commentators.

Our qualifications include Psychology degrees, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Stress Management, Personal Training, Nutrition, Life & Business Coaching.

And we worked in media for 15 years in London before setting ourselves free to do what we love - first in Ibiza and now in Marbella.
We now split our time between there and Hampstead in London.

We promise an anti-fad, anti-influencer approach. No fancy stuff of psuedo BS. Just real, raw, authentic vulnerablity, steeped in years of professional and personal experience.

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